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25 August 2009 @ 03:45 pm
Less is More  
Sheepie and I did a few crack stories last night because nerves were starting to drive us both insane. Really nervous about going to madison. Well, enjoy :D

"Less is more, but in this case Donghae you're just really short." Donghae stuck out his pinky finger when he held a teacup. It was just good manners! Just because they weren't british was no reason not to set two people on fire. "Buy hyung," Ryeowook whispered. "That's called murder." Heechul laughed and took out his handy dandy notebook because he had found a clue. There was a blue pawprint on his pelvis. Oh, that hurt. He woudl never do that again. But he really needed to go to the store and buy some butter. Kangiin took out his manly bits. Ryeowook stared in shock *that* thing was going to be inside him? Oh hells no! Ryeowook decided then and there that he never would bottom. Ever. The end.

Leeteuk hummed happily to himself. Todays' the day! he thought. The day when suddenly Leeteuk popped out of the bush and streaked across the universe like in the beatles song. Kyuhyun loved to sing. His favorite were songs about time that Leeteuk realized his true potential as a porn star. Heechul knew that if he set his mind to it he could Fly! "I can fly" Shindong exclaimed. "he can fly" echoed aroudn the room "He can you can can can?!" Ryeowook thought for a moment. "No. We're out of tuna. Can you go get some?" Donghae frowned.He hated it when people used big words he didn't understand words like so many days without manlove. The world could not sruvive without it.

Siwon had never been fond of trash. It was for this reason that he refused to ever become a magical unicorn complete with sparkles. This was Sungmin's cherished polygamous family. His favorite partner of all though was Hangeng because he really knew how to treat a boy to a good time if you know what algebra is, you might just be next top model! Heechul posed like Tyra. He was Fierce! Ryeowook was a little jealous but only a little because he knew his hips didn't believe in math. It was for those with many toes, because otherwise a pinata full of vodka would do just as well. The end.

Once upon a time there was a cat named heebum. He was the best way to catch a sea turtle is Yesung. "Yesung?" Shindong asked quizically. "Yes, Yesung." Said Ryeowook who had no idea waht he had just agreed to. Yesung was anticipating the night. "Now?" "No." "Now?" "No." "Now?" "FINE." Eunhyuk shoved Donghae into the wall and promptly choked to death on a piece of toast. No one bothered to save Kibum cause he was fairly useless. Kibum turned around and was shot in the head. The fans cried and Super Junior sighed. He never was very good in bed.

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kalchan: Jay Babykalchan on August 25th, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC)
Kangin's pretty big in that department huh? I wonder...... too bad he only gives out for leeteuk.
I think I like the 1st and the 2nd one. The last one is just odd. I'm not a fan of people dying. It makes me sadface.
Pfft you guys don't start classes until next wednesday. I'm trying to relearn 2 semesters worth of characters (300+) in like 3 days. First week of chinese is going to be hard.
thaurermellonthaurermellon on August 25th, 2009 10:15 pm (UTC)
Yea, I'm still just nervous. I need to learn how to navigate etc and get used to Madison. :( I'm sad to go back