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02 October 2009 @ 12:05 am

Read at your own expense

“WooHoo, Wooooahh!” And then the power went out and every one was left in the dark, it was pitch black, and Henry was scared of the feelings inside that he couldn’t let out. He couldn’t let them out because he was obviously afraid of letting them out. What if hyung doesn’t like me like that? Donghae wondered sadly, staring off into the broom closet. He thought that Leeteuk had stored the preserves from last fall in there and he would really like a nice warm  rice bag. They felt nice, and smelled great too!

Donghae snuggled closer
to each other. Donghae reached over and patted his butt, it was soft and squishy like a warm doughy roll. This made Donghae extremely hungry, hungry for a big hunk of a man. A certain man in general. He eyed the delicious flesh before biting down on the sofa, but it just didn’t taste very good. He didn’t want to freak out Henry by asking him if he could he would make an ice cream flavor called “Man Flesh” because, I mean, who could resist? Everyone would be wondering, secretly to themselves, what an ice cream flavor called man flesh would taste like. Does it have pieces of of popcorn that he found underneath the table. Donghae knew that it wasn’t wise to eat food that was left on the floor but he was hungry and they looked edible.

Little did he know but did he really know? Donghae really wanted to know why some people’s eyebrows were especially hairy, and how he, like Tablo, could. “Shiwon hyung is soooo cool,” he said aloud, not noticing how flexible he was (with his eyebrows).

“That’s rather strange…”
I love to eat grilled cheese and ketchup too!” Henry nodded, “Hyung let’s go get some grilled cheese.”

Donghae shook his head, “If you eat grilled cheese you will get pregnant.”

Henry gasped, “Pregnant?!!?” How could a man get pregnant? Maybe he just ate a really big watermelon.

“Hyung, were you hungry? “
“Damnit yes I was hungry!” Donghae lashed out. “That was my sandwich! What the hell am I supposed to eat now!” Henry licked the mayonnaise that was left over on his fingers, “Well you could always eat you. I mean, look at your abs, they are made of fantastic.” Donghae smiled sheepishly. “But how much do you like them hyung?” Donghae looked up him up and down. “I think you would look better without that shirt. Ooo boy you are fine.” Henry leaned up against the wall.

“Good song,” Kibum commented as he passed Donghae’s computer, but Donghae could only give him a quick hand gesture of sorts, before returning his full attention to his
Mini Donghae, it hadn’t been receiving a lot of attention lately. “Henry ah, would you mind giving some love to mini Donghae?” “Hyukkie,” Donghae whined, taking the doll back from his band member’s who all just happened to walk in. It was a bit embarrassing for them. So they decided to put away the soy sauce and leave the kitchen. “But umma, I’m still hungry.” “OUT!” Leeteuk shrieked and Donghae scattered, heading quickly for his bedroom.

“You’re a saucy little minx kitten. If I didn’t lose my penis to yellow fever we would get it on right now.” Donghae looked a little heart broken. Henry shook his head, “It’s okay Donghae mine still works fine. Just plug it in.” Donghae blinked, and nodded, considering the long cord that hung uselessly from the blender. Eunhyuk sighed.

“Are you going to do it, or should I?
I think I’m going to have to do it. I mean. You don’t have a penis anymore.” Henry explained. “You won’t get rabies from…that. Don’t worry hyung, you’ll be fine.” He wasn’t sure if he believed the Canadian Earth God, but he nodded anyways. “Well then, can we go play on his pony. It was rough and there was a lot of tension. “I didn’t think we would be able to get this to work. I didn’t think I would ever be able to TOP.” Donghae stroked Henry’s hair, “It’s okay baby it’ll grow back by next week and then everything will be back to normal.” Or at least as normal as life with Super Junior could be. The End.

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