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08 October 2009 @ 11:35 pm
Don't put your finger there  
:D Not much else to say


Henry was sitting quietly by the window sill. They were in China again, promoting their new album and single, “Super girl”. It was a catchy  tune coming from the radio. It really made Henry want to get up and dance to the beat. He couldn’t help it if he wasn’t a man, could he do this? He grabbed Siwon by the waist, and bodily threw him to the couch. Siwon stared at him in disbelief as he began to strip off his shirt and show off his chocolate abs. Siwon was sure that Henry would appreciate his manliness. Even when he looked at himself in the mirror sometimes he couldn’t help but fall down the stairs. Henry winced. That hurt his little toe when he kicked the door down with such a force the picture frame on the table fell over. That’s right kids, he had ate his wheaties for breakfast and was ready to bring it on. Siwon yelled “Don’t put your finger there.” Siwon apologized, and removed the hand from his butt. Henry shrieked, “You can’t put your fingers there!” Siwon just smirked and ran his hands suggestively down Henry’s soft posterior, “Au contraire.”

 “But But But: I really want some icecream.” Siwon couldn’t say no to those chipmunk cheeks of fluff. He bent over and pinched him on his cheeks, but Siwon was sad to see that the puffy cheeks weren’t as puffy as they were the year before. This was saddening, but at least they still had the pair of hand cuffs left over from the depths of the closet. Donghae popped out and scared the shit out of him, before frolicking out of the room, but not before he took

his bowl of ice cream away from him. “No ice cream for you!” Henry scolded. Siwon pouted, what was he supposed to do without ice cream? He was planning on using that as body paint later on, but now the fun could begin. “Let’s play soccer!” Donghae screeched and ran into the room, interrupting their love making sessions by jumping on the bed while they were getting it on. Henry and Siwon did not appreciate that and had to stop midway through to throw Eunhae out of the room. They then they played soccer in the rain, on the lawn. “Donghae, can we be done now?” Henry groaned. Damn, why wasn’t Eunhyuk around when you needed him. Donghae looked up at him sadly, lip pouting. “But hyung~ I don’t like it when we have sex without protection. I’m not interested in getting herpes.”

Siwon was shocked, “I don’t have HERPES!?!?!” Henry sat up in bed, “Oh well…then I don’t want to get pregnant.” Siwon just then, they gamboled through the forest with England and his unicorn friend. “Yehhhh, charrrlieee. Let’s go to candy from strange men in vans! I told you no!” Siwon scolded Henry. Henry just shrugged his shoulders, “But it was high quality candy.” Siwon threw his hands up in the air, “OBEY ME!” Henry wasn’t that into him. Well that was a lie, he was so totally into him, like omg. He would turn into a valley girl just to be with that man for one night of the moon festival and Siwon had told Henry to strip for him. “Give me a show baby!” Henry took off his manly bits. “Why are you touching me down there sir, do you think I find that amusing?”

“Well, I think you might find it in my pants!” Siwon took off his pants and took off Henry’s pants and then they were  you going to eat that?” Donghae asked and stole the last of the chips. Henry cursed his bad luck at missing the goldfish at the goldfish catching game. What is up with that? Oh well there was always and forever, they will have their memories of the night he lost his pants. The end.

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